Make an appointment BEFORE you make a deposit!

Get your dog all set for a spay/neuter appointment!

You are being a responsible dog owner!!

⦁ Call and book a surgery appointment for your dog by phone M-Th 9-5pm or Friday 10-2pm. (Tip: Put your phone on redial since the line will be busy due to the volume of clients.)

⦁ Make a $25.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit per dog via Paypal within 24 hours of booking. Otherwise, the appointment will be given to another client. Click the deposit link below to make your deposit.

⦁ Please put your last name, pet’s name, & surgical date in description box for deposit.

⦁ You will get a conformation call a few days before your pet’s surgery date to remind you of your pet’s scheduled appointment time.

⦁ Be sure to click the red surgical instructions button and follow the directions before bringing your pet in for surgery.